Sunday, December 11, 2011

Daily Goals 12/11/11

I went to bed really late last night or should I say very early this morning? That being said, I actually feel good. Im wide awake and very proud of myself for finishing my craft project last night. I also washed all the dishes in the sink before going to bed. I couldn't bare the thought of waking up to a full sink of dishes this morning. I'm ready to get this day started. Here's my plan for the day: 1. Wash and put away breakfast dishes. 2. Clean living room 3. Buy and decorate tree 4. Decorate outside 5. Make a delicious dinner 6. Put away empty Christmas decoration boxes 7. Write AT LEAST one blog post in addition to my daily goals and update 8. Clean kitchen before bed What are you doing this Sunday? Have a great day!

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