Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Menu Plan?

It's Thursday and I've only followed my menu plan one day this week. That one day was Tuesday when I made Broccoli Cheddar Soup in the crackpot. It was more of a carrot, broccoli cheddar soup, but tasted just as good. I think I'll make it differently the next time and I'll share my recipe and method. Monday night we had fast food because were out late. Wednesday, I forgot about my menu and thought of the fastest and easiest thing to make and I came up with chicken fajitas. Here I am at 7AM thinking about what I can make for dinner tonight and I figured I should go back to my menu. Tonight, I'm making Sweet potato fries and baked chicken cutlets. I had a really productive day yesterday and I'm hoping for the same today. I  don't have any big plans for today except maybe making a shadow box for my daughter's room and my daily housework. What's on your agenda for today?

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