Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vegetable Lo Mein

Why order take out when you can make this quick and delicious meal any weeknight? This recipe is definitely one of my go to meals on busy days. This Vegetable Lo Mein can be made with chicken or pork as well.

1 box Spaghetti
1 bag frozen vegetables (Stir fry mix or Asian medley)
1 Tb grated ginger or a couple dashes ground ginger
2 Tb minced garlic
3 Tb Hoisin sauce (Teriyaki is fine too)
1 Tb Soy sauce
1 to 2 Tb Hot Sauce (optional)

1. Mix together ingredients for sauce and reserve.
2. Cook pasta according to box directions.
3. Drain pasta and reserve 1/4 cup of cooking water. 
4. Place about a teaspoon of oil in the pot and add garlic and ginger. Add pasta and vegetables.
5. Add reserved pasta water to sauce and add to pot. Toss until sauce is absorbed (about 30 seconds).
I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as our family does. It's a quick and tasty meal that tastes great as leftovers too. Give it a try! 

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