Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Week's Menu Plan

Today is Wednesday and I'm finally posting my Menu Plan. We've had leftovers the last two nights ( courtesy of our moms). Tonight I'm heating up some food from the freezer and I'll probably make Chicken Parm tomorrow. I plan on spending the day at my parents' on Friday so we'll have to grab take out or  eat leftovers. I found a crock pot chicken parmesan recipe on Pinterest that I'd like to try. 
I feel like I've had such a busy week, when I really haven't gone out. There are only a couple of items in my hamper and I've dusted, vacuumed, and steam mopped everyday, so I'd consider that to be pretty productive. I have to dedicate more time to blogging and I'm considering making a daily schedule, although it's been my experience, that schedules don't always work with small children. There will be more on that in my next post. I hope everyone's having a good week so far and is enjoying this beautiful weather!

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