Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baking with My Princess

If you don't know, toddlers LOVE to make a mess. The best way to make a mess is baking of course! Think of all the flour, sugar, dough/cake batter, and SPRINKLES! Late last week I decided I wanted to bake cookies and my monster princess was a little cranky, so I thought I'd get her involved. We wore our matching aprons and made a delicious batch of sugar cookies. Alana, my little girl, helped by holding ingredients, helping me whisk the royal icing, and topping the cookies with sprinkles. Although I had a bit of a mess on my hands, it was such an enjoyable experience. I can't wait to have more time with her in the kitchen making messes and most importantly....making MEMORIES! 

Do you think I overdid it?

My chair doesn't have enough sprinkles.
That's better!
It wasn't me!

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